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Oh wow, you're still on here? How've you been?

Posted by bat19 on Aug 11, 10 7:27 pm · History

That's good to know. I'm majoring in English, double-minoring in writing and French, and plan to become either a book copyeditor/publisher or a paralegal. I have a summer internship at a law firm that I start tomorrow, so I'll get to see if I actually want to pursue a career in law!

Did you always know that you wanted to major in something music-related?

Posted by tokyo-rose on May 23, 10 2:59 pm · History

Huh, that's good. I might try a retail job after this summer, since there are a lot of cool independent shops/boutiques in my college's town. You're in Arkadelphia, right? Do you plan to move away after you graduate?

Posted by tokyo-rose on May 16, 10 11:15 am · History

Hello darling :)
It feels like it's been 109285073257 years since I've talked to you lol.

Posted by karmakiller on May 12, 10 6:44 pm · History

Well, it's working! Even if you don't normally take pride in your appearance, dressing better and wearing a little makeup can boost your self-confidence. How is working in retail, though? I've heard horror stories about it, so although I applied for jobs at clothing stores, I'm kind of glad none of them called me back and that I got an internship instead.

Ah, I feel like such a young'n compared to you since I'm just finishing my freshman year. Finals week kills. D:

Posted by tokyo-rose on May 12, 10 6:33 pm · History

hi, i'm a big fan of u. ♥☻

Posted by creole on May 11, 10 10:28 pm · History


Posted by iDecay on May 11, 10 8:50 pm · History


Posted by iDecay on May 11, 10 8:50 pm · History

Miss Dani!

Posted by superstitious on May 11, 10 7:59 pm · History

And you are a speed ninja in replying to comments!

How else have you been? I've missed having another member to make long-winded post on CB.

Posted by tokyo-rose on May 11, 10 7:29 pm · History

Dani is zany!...zanily pretty, that is. You seem more confident in your appearance now. :)

Posted by tokyo-rose on May 11, 10 7:27 pm · History

You look so cute in your default!

Posted by manny-the-dino on May 10, 10 12:59 am · History

Dani, I missssssssssssss you!

Posted by karmakiller on Nov 3, 09 3:58 pm · History

Hi I miss you. :[

Posted by iDecay on Oct 13, 09 2:03 am · History

I came here and I saw "Page Views 6,000". :)

Posted by karmakiller on Sep 2, 09 9:08 pm · History

but of course :)
i've been a fan since they first formed...

Posted by -DressYourEyelids- on Aug 9, 09 9:50 pm · History

my password is still the same password that I asked you to set for me btw

Posted by kryogenix on Aug 1, 09 10:18 am · History


where have you been

Posted by kryogenix on Jun 23, 09 11:45 am · History

i wanna go to camp with u

Posted by creole on Jun 19, 09 9:49 pm · History


Posted by karmakiller on Jun 5, 09 5:48 pm · History

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